Kitchen sofa

Reinterpretation of the classic Swedish kitchen sofa - 2014

Kitchen sofas used to be very common in Swedish homes. This was were the maid slept and during the day it was used as a sofa by the kitchen table. These days few Swedes use the traditional sofas, they are often bulky and not comfortable either to sleep or sit in for longer periods.

This led me to try to reinterpret it. 

I have designed a comfortable sofa, visually and physically light. Easy to move around when rearranging for dinner parties and quickly changed into a spare bed for those guests who want to stay. Just unscrew the three support legs from under the seat, fit them to the backrest, lift the backrest up, and push it under the seat.

It seats four adults, and when converted to a bed, it measures 80x195 cm.

Made from ash, treated with white pigment oil and upholstered by Bogesunds Effect-fabric.