The Sound of Forest

Project for the Stockholm Furniture Fair - 2012

Cities are getting more dense. Stress is increasing. It’s time to bring trees inside. Research shows that spending time in a leaf forest reduces stress and mental illness. Tests show that recovery from stress is more efficient if done in a virtual leaf forest with sounds of nature compared to a normal calm indoor enviroment without sounds of nature. In offices with plenty of greenery, negative mood states and feelings of stress was reduced by up to 60 percent. The plants also reduced: 

Tension/Anxiety           by 37%

Depression/Dejection   by 58% 

Anger/Hostility            by 44%

Fatigue                       by 38%

Confusion                   by 30%

"The Sound of Forest" is a playful call to take these results seriously.

Untreated swedish pine, steel, ivy, Kasthall Stubb & Moss.