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Kitchen sofa


Reinterpretation of the classic Swedish kitchen sofa - 2014

Kitchen sofas used to be very common in Swedish homes. This was were the maid slept and during the day it was used as a sofa by the dinner table. These days few Swedes use the traditional sofas, they are often bulky and not comfortable either to sleep or sit in for longer periods.

This led me to try to reinterpret it. 

I have designed a comfortable sofa, visually and physically light. Easy to move around when rearranging for dinner parties and quickly changed into a spare bed for those guests who want to stay. Just unscrew the three support legs from under the seat, fit them to the backrest, lift the backrest up, and push it under the seat.

It seats four adults, and when converted to a bed, it measures 80x195 cm.

Made from ash, treated with white pigment oil and upholstered by Bogesunds Effect-fabric.



Exam work - Bachelor of Fine Arts in Furniture design - 2012

I have found out, through a survey, what kind of furniture there is need for in big parts of the world with the ambition to design it.

The basic idea is that furniture should be manufactured where they are to be sold, with local materials and manufacturers. By doing that, there is a chance that the environmental impact will be smaller, designed furniture will be available for more, it will strengthen the national self esteem and the economy and raise the status of local materials.

The furniture that everybody needs is a storage furniture. I have designed a freestanding, modular storage system. It is flexible and easy to manufacture and offers something new.

This one is made from swedish pine and stone. With locally woven bark baskets for hidden storage. 


The Sound of Forest

Project for the Stockholm Furniture Fair - 2012

Cities are getting more dense. Stress is increasing. It’s time to bring trees inside. Research shows that spending time in a leaf forest reduces stress and mental illness. Tests show that recovery from stress is more efficient if done in a virtual leaf forest with sounds of nature compared to a normal calm indoor enviroment without sounds of nature. In offices with plenty of greenery, negative mood states and feelings of stress was reduced by up to 60 percent. The plants also reduced: 

Tension/Anxiety           by 37%

Depression/Dejection   by 58% 

Anger/Hostility            by 44%

Fatigue                       by 38%

Confusion                   by 30%

"The Sound of Forest" is a playful call to take these results seriously.

Untreated swedish pine, steel, ivy, Kasthall Stubb & Moss. 


Swedish Grace Revised

Stackable, solid wood chair - 2011

Stackable chair for public indoor use. Specifically churches, libraries, conference hotels etc. Classic Swedish design influenced by the Swedish Grace-style. Classicism meets functionalism.

Visually and physically light, it only weighs 4,5 kg, easy to stack. Good comfort even after long use for many body types thanks to a tilt-able backrest and upholstered seat. Generous and inviting but at the same time compact.

Swedish birch with white pigment oil.



Röhsska Project - 2011

Chair based on principles of body conscious design. Inspired by Galen Cranz and Peter Opsvik.

My statement:

It’s time we started questioning how we sit. Should chairs continue to be mostly uncomfortable status symbols or should we start listening to our bodies? A new type of sitting, based on body conscious design is part of what it takes to deal with of the greatest health issues of your time, back pains. Could a chair be an attractive status symbol even if it’s good for the body? Must a chair where you can sit well be made out of plastic? With swedish wood and wool and a healthy disrespect for the chairs standard measurements, I try to step towards a changed attitude. My first contribution: Foxy.

Laminated and solid ash, wool, oil with white pigment.




Project for the Stockholm Furniture Fair - 2011

Creativity inspiring play unit / versatile storage, adaptable to the needs of the user. Play, paint, model / toys, books, magazines. For children, through all ages.

Steam-bent ash, finished with oil.



Modular hallway storage - 2010

Personal storage for wallet, keys, cellphone. Every member of the family gets its own shelf. Drawer for gloves, hats, scarfs - add more units when needed.
At the bottom, a well rounded bag holder that saves the shoulder straps. Deep enough for several bags.

Walnut, veneer, laminated veneer and furniture linoleum. Finished with wax. Drawer made by ash.



Snöboll - 2009

A wooden toy for all ages and seasons. Stylized snowflakes with hidden magnets, together they make a snowball.

Beech wood